When implementing a telecommunications network in rural areas, access to reliable source of electrical power can be a barrier.

Solar energy is often the only alternative. To the same extent, it is a way to eliminate the distribution and operation costs associated with conventional solutions (such as diesel genset or extension of an existing electrical network). It also has many benefits:


Benefits of a photovoltaic system

. Independent power supply
. Reliable and long life
. Cost effective (low operating and maintenance costs)
. Simple (installation and operation do not require specialized technicians)
. Silent
. Environmentally friendly (no CO
2 gas emissions) 

Public Switched Telephone Network

The Public Switched Network or PSTN designates the ground infrastructure that enables fixed phones to work. This network is based on the interconnection of different equipment which, depending on their technology, may require solar power to operate.

These requirements are mainly located at point to point communication links.

Typical applications :