For a remote power plant (full solar or hybrid), the information regarding its operation and performance is critical for effective long-term predictions for maintenance.

The built-in data logging features of the MAXI TRACK regulator simplifies routine inspections and maintenance of the solar systems.

Real time and recorded information can be downloaded locally, or remotely via an optional modem (GSM, satellite, radio, or switched telephone networks).
Remote monitoring is an efficient way to reduce operating cost.


Remote troubleshooting :

Provides status reports as frequently as required,without the physical requirement, expense, or downtime delay in dispatching a technician on site. This allows the detection of problems before they occur, and preventive measures ensure uninterrupted operation of the systems.

Remote control :

Remote activation or desactivation of controllers: starting / stopping a genset, load disconnect, fans,...

Remote data acquisition :

Real time and recorded information is automatically downloaded (programmable)

Remote monitoring :

Provides instant alarms (battery LV, regulator failure, critical temperature...). The user is immediately alerted in case of malfunction.